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Thanks for your feedback, everybody!

Hello Flipnote Hatena Group Members,

I would like to thank everyone who posted feedback on the blog post last week about doing weekly blog topics.There seems to be good amount of interest in weekly topics, so I plan to introduce them here soon.
The Hatena Blog programmers need to create a system so that we can post our weekly topics easily, and once that it ready I will make an announcement here and on the Hatena Blog Developers Blog and we can get started. Thanks for your patience as we get things ready.

Frog sightings

In front of drug stores in Japan you can often find cute mascot statues. Some of the more famous ones are an elephant named "Sato-chan" and "Kero-chan", who is the frog pictured below.

I like this particular Kero-chan, because the owner of this drugstore often dresses him up in seasonal clothes. In the photo above Kero-chan is wearing a light cotton Japanese cloth scarf with a summery design on it.

I posted another photo of this same Kero-chan frog some time ago in the Flipnote Hatena Weekly News, where he was wearing a winter outfit.


It's brutally hot outside in many parts of the world these days, so why not stay somewhere cool and write a blog to share with the world?

Thanks from all of us at Hatena!